These are the official lyrics, as shared by Bryan Poole.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gelid Ascent

you are what parasites evolved from
still an unanswered question
you are the refuse energy from a superior form
nothing that occurs to you was intended for your involvement
you're an irrelevant effect
unavoidable but of no influence
one last thing you must understand
to be dead is to be confused, to be mistaken

you speak to me like the anguish of a child dosed in flames
you speak to me like the stones that bash in his skull and brains exposed
it's always been the same, 200 thousand years of viciousness
the violent autism of our suborned, oblique, cracked out species
you speak to me like the rifles that annihilated his face
you speak to me in a voice so dry and calm and impassive yeah but really what do you know
you know nothing of the impuissance of empathy, the straight wretchedness of abandonment
the dehumanizing press of love ah you speak to me


  1. I just want to thank you guys for posting these lyrics. I'm curious if Kevin has ever considered releasing a book of poetry or if he has any writings outside of of Montreal. I love reading these words!

  2. A book of poetry would rule. I'd buy it for sure.